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Hi Guys,

went for a short session down the nepean just down from the weir where things are pretty slow with absolutely freezing water temps. My feet were numb after half way crossing the weir.

once at our spot it was quiet for about 30mins in which ant180 found some bardi grubs which i then turned into a nice little winter bass.

saw a few jumping mullet and random surface strikes from suspected bass but other than that pretty quiet. we were hopeing of some big carp but i think its still a few weeks off yet as the water is way too cold.

a couple of pics for ya's



Cheers Adrian.

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Think I've fished that spot a couple of times before kingies, only really ever pulled Catfish out of it.

Don't think I'll be crossing the weir for a month or two yet, waiting a few weeks for the big bass to head back. Might give the carp a go next week though

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What were you using to land such a beast??

And you are absolutely spot on!! A fish is a fish, and A fish is better then NO fish...

Bass time is coming...




i was using grubs located in dead timber laying around.

the carp were mega slow not one touch at all.

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guys just incase your not aware of this bass season is closed at the moment, you can fish the river but you cant target bass until next month when it re-opens.bass bycatch is sweet as long as it is released straight after capture your not even allowed to keep them in a live well for release at the end of the day.

im not trying to start a s#*! fight just thought id mention it


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