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Bait Mission


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Took the boat out on sat arvo mainly to source some bait but also to soak a jewie bait if possible. Took a mate who loves the taste of slimy mackeral so that was first priority, once he was on board. I had a bash for squid near north and middle heads for no result. There were slimies and yakkas a plenty at the wedding cake. Had a speculator live slimy near the bottom which came up with the first squid of the night attached to its head. He was netted as were 2 more squid both of which came up sucking on spiked pilchars. They weren't on the barbs but kept on sucking even when they were lifted out of the water.

Pressure was off once my mate had his fill of slimies so we dropped jewie baits on the edge of the shipping channel. Unfortunately the wind picked up and we started dragging anchor into the channel, just as a full sized cargo boat came around the corner from Bradley's head. Managed to bring things to order as the big tub slid by with enough room between us to not cause panic but jeeze those suckers make you feel small.

Dropped my mate off at Watsons Bay and went around to middle harbour, said g'day to Miller and dropped jewie baits at the second spot for the bottom of the tide. Wind died completely which made things pleasant but that was it. Very quiet on the jewie front. Picked up another squid while i was waiting and then spent 40 minutes targeting them for another 6 arrows.

Good trip in the end. Have 2 dozen slimy fillets being salted and 10 squiddlies ready to be turned into kings or jews. Water was crystal clear and all squid were arrows.


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G'day Humesy,

Sounds like you had a relaxing night of it. Geez that water's cold at the moment! Got to watch those ferries and ships. Maybe now that professional fishing has been stopped in the harbour we could start lobbying to have all boat traffic other than fishos stopped outside the heads... at least on weekends :biggrin2: Nice work on the squid.

Cheers, Slinky

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Hi Andrew,

Well done on the bait gathering mission. I am afraid thats about all that is around ATM.

We tried the low sunday morning for jewies and found the usual spots to be in total winter shut down. Lots of suspended algae or some shit in the water.

Started jigging squid in deep water and my mate got a beauty. Stripped up and down it went. Nothing even the pickers were scarce. Pillie tails were being unmolested - time to bail.

Checked my crab trap for one small female, cut her free and let her go.

Rain started coming down so we split.

Mate you did well to get squid and slimmies because in the next few weeks the jewies will return to the usual spots. Remember its the beginning and end of the season for best results at those spots.

Cheers mate.

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