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Bream Chasers In Middle Harbour

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Just a quick community service announcement. When I was coming back in through Middle Harbour on Saturday right on high tide at around 2.00pm, we cruised slowly along the eastern shore towards Bantry Bay. The water was crystal clear and there were some VERY big bream up over the scattered oyster covered rocky sections in shallow water. I didn't have a hope of getting near them without an electric motor and the westerly wind meant that drifting was out of the question.

In a stretch of about 100m we saw at least a dozen big 30-40cm (and a couple much bigger) class fish but surprisingly no littler ones. Might be worth a go sight fishing for anyone who likes that sort of thing and has a leccy motor. With the shallows over the oysters, the steep drop offs and the overhanging shady vegetation, and fish like that in the middle of the day...

Cheers, Slinky

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