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My First Bluewater Experience


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'G'day Raiders,

I was invited to go fishing offshore on the weekend with my boss Jeremy and a fellow workmate; Barry. I was very excited as I have only managed 2 outings in the last 12 months! We headed out at approximately 6:30am in beautiful weather,with wind less than 5 knots. We headed east of Jumpin Pin(QLD), with the Gold Coast in the distance.

A quick stop first to gather some livies.With the livewell half full we went out further to start the session.

First hook up was by Jeremy,who landed a small Scorpion cod.

Not long after that it was Barry's turn. He appeared to be struggling a little as he had not been out fishing for some time as well. It seemed like an eternity until, at last, a flash of silver! I handed Jeremy the Environet, however he just shook his head and gave it back. I can see why...


Congratulations to Barry with his 110cm Jewfish! A mountain of photos were taken and the fish was placed in the esky ready to be taken home, destined for our tables.

We had a feeling it would be hard to top that but we gave it a go anyway.

I ended up with 2 undersized Pearlies before succumbing to a bout of seasickness. :puke: Jeremy hooked a Grinner and what appeared to be a small Tarwhine. Barry also caught a nice Kingie.

A great day had by all, with a pod of Dolphins following us back to shore.

I can't wait to head back out sometime (minus the sea-sick of course :blush:) and catch a big one.

A big 'Thank you' to both the blokes for a terrific day! :thumbup:


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Wow Bryce! That is one Jewfish & a half!! Well done to Barry!!

Bad luck on the sea sickness - Believe me, I know how you feel - I have always sufferred from it! I just call it 'Free Berley' now & get on with it (unpleasant tho it is!)

I wish I had a boss like that!!! :thumbup::yahoo: WIth a bit of luck, Barry will give you a couple of steaks!! :biggrin2:

Sounds like a great day out - hopefully it won't be so lumpy next time, so you can catch the fish instead of feeding them! :wacko:

Cheerio & better luck next time!


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Sounds like a top trip mini hodgey... apart from the :puke:

According to the funny guys on Myth Busters, ginger tablets work well as do the pharmaceutical remedies. But with all of them, you have to follow the directions. I'm told by a lot of people who suffer sea sickness (thankfully I'm not one of them) that taking them after you're already on the water is a waste of time.

When do we get to see a photo of you with a big Jewie like that? Fantastic that you've got that sort of fishing on your doorstep at this time of year. This time next year I'll be there too so hopefully I can get on the board with fish like that too.

Top post too. :thumbup:

Cheers, Slinky

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