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Hi Raiders,

Just got back from a top experience of a lifetime. It was our annual trip to Darwin to chase some barra and escape the cold sydney weather :1badmood: . it took as 3 1/2 days to drive from sydney to Darwin and 4 days on the way back. we took 2 boats both quintrex explorer trophies, perfect for the billabongs. We fished all the billabongs in kakadu National Park, these included Red Lilly, Bucket and Alligator, Yellow Waters, Mardigal and Jim Jim Billabongs. The Billabongs of the Mary River System including Carroborre, Shady Camp and Hardies Lagoon. We caught close to 300 Barra with around 50% being above leagal 55cm size. this was a good effort fot this time of year. last year at the same time we caught half as much. The biggest for the trip was an 87cm 26 pounder :thumbup: . She was caugth in Hardies Lagoon on a Nils Master Speardhead. we would have caught 30 fish from 70cm to 87cm which was a great effort. We caught plenty of fish during the day and night. most of our success was on little lucifers and Spearheads.

Ill try to attach some photos

i may need some assistance???

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