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Hope It's Worth The Wait!


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Hi Raiders

With the kingie season coming up I thought I would start stocking up in terms of tackle.

What the heck I thought to myself, I'll get a couple of really nice sticks to do the job.

I usually buy custom rods for my gear that I think I'll use most of the time. This time around I started looking at semi custom as I had been hearing so much on the Fisherman brand.

When you place an order with a shop they send an order to fisherman, fisherman build the rod with your options list and then send the rod to you.

I have not even seen one let alone touch one, any raiders out there that have one?

The option list has colour choice of thread work, blank colour, what type of grip in which colour, reel seat, gimbal type, name in thread work and guide type.

Being a bit of a flashy rod I thought I'd go something really out there.

One is red and gold the other is blue on blue.



How long do you think it would take?

Just got an ansawer back from the store, 5 months after full payment!


At least I know now what I just bought myself for Christmas :thumbup:

My Millers at least I pay for them when I receive it......

Oh well, going in totally blind, I just hope they are worth the wait!

Price wise they are up there with top end full custom specially when you put on over $250 worth of options onto each rod.....


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I played with them in Japan in a tackle shop there.

Mate they are spectacular, Great action etc. You do pay for it though. Personally there wasnt much between the Carpenter and the Fisherman just the fisherman can be customised and there are many more different modles to choose from with different ratings.

I think the whole Hype Up is that the Japanese love to be different so these rods allow customisation without going to find a specific rod builder and sifting through endless components etc, its easy for them.

Good luck with it and Cant wait to catch a glimps of them.


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Hi Mariner

You can choose which way you want it made up.

Some blanks are more suited to spin because of the lengths.

Watching some Japanese jigging vids, most use spin gear for it.

The Fisherman range is HUGE!

It took me over 2hours to go threw the models on the net to try work out what I needed.

Just lucky the site I bought it threw didn't have the whole range on there site, would have taken me even longer!


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I just ordered a SEED GT BOSS blank.

$560 bucks just for the blank!! :(

I have heard great things about the Fisherman Rods. Apparently, they are indestructible.

Make sure you post some piccies when you get them. :biggrin2:

Chris I think you had better order one that floats, :1prop:

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Hey Justin

Thanks for your pic today, I really appreciate it when I JUST WANT TO GO FISHING!

Driving over Gladesville bridge this morning I didn't mind the traffic, stareing down at the water, looking at beautiful conditions of the river, SICKIE OR NOT TO SICKIE was the question........

Hit Gladesie shops I take my light jumper off, ummmm gee it's beautiful and warm.

Top Ryde, a tool in a ute cuts me off, ANGA!!! Arrrrrr

Got out of the car, had a smoke out in the car park, "oh man, LOOK AT IT!"

Then your pic comes......

Thanks man, your the best, always thinking about me......LOL

So how many did you land??


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