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The Bouillabaise Mission


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WEDNESDAY 13/08/08

Mission debrief follows

0600: deployed the amphibious fishsweeper Furball from Tunks Base, accompanied by Admiral Chef. 0610: opened, memorized & destroyed our covert orders: Locate & capture the Bouillabaise Gang, with extreme prejudice.

Using fresh intel, cartography & sonar we located the enemy camp at 0700, in 40 feet and cowering under a ledge adjacent to a reef. They had sent a full armada of recon scouts wearing Yakka uniforms. We had to act quickly before they telegraphed our presence back to their HQ

At 0705 Admiral Chef gave the order to engage the enemy:

Deploy reef pick & springer...check

Deploy Burley depth charges topside & rockside...check

Deploy XOS squidmines...check

And then the key to our mission success - infiltrate the enemy camp with double agents. Our undercover men went in wearing the same Yakka uniforms. the Bouillabaise Gang was fooled, despite our agents obvious body piercings.

The first capture came at 0710, positively identified as Seaman Wrasse, a lowly thief who supplies the enemy with stolen munitions. Admiral Chef believes this was a worthwhile capture.

Second enemy capture was identified as Ensign Sweep, a Janitor. Hardly the calibre of crook we were seeking. Again Admiral Chef assured me this was a worthwhile capture.

Third enemy capture was recorded at 0730, and was the principal target and leader of the gang, identified as Commodore Scorpion Cod, a known asassin & associate of terrorists whose speciality is torture with poison darts. A nasty piece of work to be kept at arms length. His lack of resistance & easy submission could only be descibed as Collins Class.

0900 -1000 two prisoners unknown to our intel were taken. Interrogation revealed they were from a seperatist army unrelated to our mission. the enemy had threatened their families with execution if they did not impersonate Bouillabaise gang members & surrender to us, an underhanded attempt to fool the good guys. They were identified as Sargeants Baker & Baker from Baker company, 101st Sandbourne. Released unharmed.

Another key target, Commodore Cod's son AKA "Spike" was captured at 1015hrs. The Gang was leaderless and in disarray. In desperation they launched mossback torpedoes at the Furball, both missed their target. Both did however steal 2kg squidmines from the Admiral, and took them back to base. I had advised him to use 10kg+ squidmines against mossback torpedoes. The Admiral now took my advice.

There was only one remaining significant Gang member at this camp on our blacklist: Ist Officer Cal Amari, en expat Italian dictator in the vein of Mussolini. The coward surrendered without resistance. The Bouillabaise Gang is French, after all!

At 1230 hrs we relocated to the Kahawai training exercise grounds to practise target shooting. At 1430hrs we returned to Tunks Base & into drydock.

Captain Crustacean and his Adjutant were also captured.

Although not our mission, a large squidmine destroyer was taken

See attached images from the brig, to verify key captures.

XO Holio

Fishsweeper Furball

debrief ends.



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jig thats a classic mate :074::074::074::074::074:

the best post ive read for a while....

i dunno what some people think trying to tackle those moss back torpedoes with pea shooters..

especially when those midget subs nab ya an try to head back to there training camp over new zealand.

keep em comming...


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That is the funniest, cleverest post I have read for sometime :074:

If you keep posting this type of missive I will make you the fishraider foreign fishing correspondent. Your forum would of course be hidden and heavily password protected for the eyes of suitable raider members only :1yikes:

I am sure this debrief document will assist further raiding activity in the location mentioned.

Continue with more successful covert operations and report back as required :thumbup:

mrsswordfisherman (RADM)

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Dude try to stay on the meds would ya? Its not only for your own good but the good of others!


Loved it! Great report. Imagine if you actually caught something :tease::tease:

Looks like bannana man struck again.

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Looks like bannana man struck again.

ROFL you funny bugger! Yes that's three kingis hooked & 0 landed for bananaman, he goes for the "suicide stick" every time. He's totally in denial " that wasn't a kingi, it grabbed that big blob of squid guts only halfway down & then went vertical and popped me off - no way that's a kingi i didn't feel a tap tap tap nibble" meanwhile on the starboard side :074::074::074:

BWAAAH I'm cracking up just remembering it!!

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Who said fishermen are of a sane breed? :tease:

Great read, some light relief to kick start the day.

It sounds like Briggadeer Bundy :beersmile: was out in force as well. :074::074:

Well done on what appears to have been a fun day out for you guys. :thumbup:

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It sounds like Briggadeer Bundy :beersmile: was out in force as well. :074::074:

Yes Brigadier Bundy has his own bunk which he shares with the "Bundy Goggles". The mission took it's toll on the Brigadier, he is looking quite lean.:thumbdown: He is known to fraternize with milk on cold mornings, they are working on a black-ops project codenamed "Moreton Bay Porridge"


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