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Big Seas, Central Coast

Ray R

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Hi Rockhopping Raiders, I have just checked the ocean and it looks angry, so to the rockhoppers out there be very very careful or better still fish the beach or inside somewhere.. Cheers...P.S , the pics are of Copa and Macs Point..



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are the salmons still frequenting the Terigal beaches? My brother in law cought a 95cm salmon a few months ago...

Not sure mate, the southern ends of beaches might be worth a try.. Cheers...

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The blackies will come on during the rough (usually takes a couple of days for them to move into the rocks) & then they love to eat cunje! Just take care of the big waves when fishing from the rocks! Never fish them alone. Once the swell drops (no more white water) they will stop feeding on cunje & go back to cabbage & other stuff!


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