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the sad thing I can remember reading the articles that Vic McCristal wrote about Eric,it was a long time ago; I think this was the first one and the second one was a how to article because he had so much work he couldn't keep up the second article was called something like "A call form an Old Bushy" Make your own. It was this second how to article that inspired me to make my own lures, and other things.

Big-Pete :1fishing1:

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Terrific article, Greg. I wonder if Eric is still around? Vic passed away not that long ago too, from memory. Oldies but goodies.

Gee it'd be fun to make your own lures & catch quality fish on them, regularly. I have kept so many articles on how to make them, & have a couple of tackle making books ...... one day, when I am not so busy fishing, I may get around to it (or a round tuit ..... which most people seem not to have!)

Cheerio & thanks for putting us onto that article


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Vic is still with us as far as I know There was a rumour he passed away a couple of years ago but it was false

I doubt if Eric is still with us as he would be well over a hundred now

I was fortunate to meet and get some tips of Vic when I was an early teenager We were spinning of some rocks near Yepoon and I had just been smoked by a mackeral and lost a Nilsmaster I had saved my pocket money for I was a bit unhappy about it(completely distraught) Vic spoke to me for a while gave me a lure and showed me how to work it Worst part is I didnt realise who it was until later when I was reading a fishing mag and saw him in it

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