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Found The Weed...how To Catch The Fish?


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This is the first time iv every gone weed picking and i found 4 different types, its all starting to grow back!

Well i decided not to fish on the rock due to the big swell and wind and headed into the harbour (Cliffton garden)

IT was my first time trying for blackys..i was standing off the wharf 16lb main 8lb leader with a stem float, most of the time using cabbage. I could see a few blackfish...and i even tried burlying for them, they got scared easily and i had 0 takes. (maybe i was standing too close to the edge, or the water was too clear?)


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Hi Justin

See if you can hook up with a fellow FR who is already good at blackie fishing. You will learn more in that one session than 10 or more outings on your own.

Failing that, read this link & give any or all of the tips a go. Sometimes the fish prefer weed, sometimes cabbage. Sometimes they prefer one weed over another.


Definitely stay away from the rock ledges just now with the big swells. Even in the low tides when it is rough, they can be dangerous - even more so if slippery because they are covered with weed.

Find some nice quiet bits of water where there is structure or weedbeds that you can fish along - the blackies should turn up! :)



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Thanks guys, actually it was roberta's article/advice that inspired me to go fishing for blackfish (i made notes of her notes :wacko: ). Actually i tried all 4 types of weed/cabbage, wirey stringy, fine stringy, thick soft stringy, cabbage :1prop: . Yes it would be good to see how the 'pros' do it.

Might go see if i can go out again tomorrow arvo for another try.


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