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yesteday we took the boat to the gergoes river to give it a run as it hasent seen water since anzac long weekend

when we put it in the water it was all good as the engine stared first go but there was a small problem the stering was seized solid there was no give. we put the boat the boat back on the trailer and had a look at it

a sat at the end of waff fishing while my dad tried to free the stering. in the end we found out what the problem was the stering cabe was seized solid where it passes through the motor.

1 hour later my dad david(akafisherdad) got it free and we where able to put it back in the water

in the end we woved to various spots on the gergoes and whe got nothing not even 1 bite

it was still to get good to get on the water and fix the engine

cheers fisherboy :1fishing1:

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