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What Would U Like To Catch?


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hi fellow fishoes what species of fish if given half the chance, would u like to catch...........i personally would like to catch a 50cm bass and a 70lb jew............cheers raiders :1fishing1: i have caught both those species however not near those proportions.

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a 25cm leatherjacket would have to be my ultimate goal in life...

apart from that near impossible feat i would love to get a 10kg snapper on plastic and 1m king - hopefully will do both on a NZ trip next year!!

also wouldnt mind a coral trout on poppers, a big wahoo, or a 1m flathead

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dicko you crack me up

and lala your either very short or very optamisic

1 a dory off good size

2 a leagal king on fly[this spring]

3a jew bigger than 3 feet 6 and a half inches :biggrin2:

that would round off the year nicely

o and a big snapper with a bump


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As long as it's a feed then I'm generally happy.

That said, I wouldn't mind hooking into one of those Opah's as seen on this forum earlier in the year.

A swordfish has always intrigued me - don't know if they are up in this neck of the woods though.

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