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Rod Building


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If you are an experienced builder, absolutely.

If you are a beginner, then you may struggle. The heavier the application, the more experience you need for the construction.

For example:

- Guide selection and placement

- Single, double or triple over binds

- Underbind or not?

- Unibutt or standard butt and grips

- Reel seat selction and adhesion (very bloody important)

- Blank selection (critical)

Not saying that it can't be done but, some careful thought and the advice of experienced builders is a must.

I build heaps of lighter rods (up to 15kg) but over that, it tends to be a different ball game.

Good luck!! :thumbup:

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Trying to find a blank that will load up and WORK with 8kg of drag pressure but still handle 20+kg for the 130. Good luck. Just make sure you are strapped into something or someone if you try and fish 130 landbased.

Cheers Shane.

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