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Conjola Flathead/bream Classic


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I just spent a great weekend fishing in the Lake Conjola Flathead/Bream Lure & Fly Classic consisting of 106 anglers.

Saturday morning we were on the water just before 6.00am and with the incoming tide I decided to hit some flats and rocky shorelines for Bream but only managed a 22cm Bream and a small Flatty after a couple of hours. We then decided to head back to the other end of the lake to try for some deep water Flathead. After a few small Flatties and watching two mates boat 93cm and 88cm Flatties :1yikes:, we then decided to head back to the top of the lake to try for a few other areas I knew held Bream and try the bottoms in some of the smaller bays for Flatties. The second spot we tried resulted in 37.5cm Bream, a PB for me in Lake Conjola :thumbup:.

Sunday saw us off to another pre 6.00am start and I was off to try for a big Flatty similar to the ones that my mates got on Saturday. First cast, squid :thumbdown: then a few reddies :thumbdown: and a few medium sized Flatties followed 36.5 to 48cm up until midday and then it was time to finish. No Bream on Sunday to add to Saturday’s to take out most Bream but I did manage to hold on to Biggest Bream and as for my two mates with the two big Flatties on Saturday, one got biggest Flathead and the other most Flathead (length) :thumbup:.



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Pedro, I had 2 rods set up for Bream and 2 for Flathead and my plan was to spend Sat morn targeting Bream, during the day for Flathead and Bream again in the arvo but when I saw my mates pull up their crocs and thinking they would be hard to beat I focused on Bream a bit more :biggrin2: . I lost a 70cm+ Flatty at the side of the boat on Sunday but wasn't too upset because I didn't have a hope in hell of catching up to 6 metres plus total length that was leading the comp.

Swoffa, I didn't get any pics of the 93cm but a few others did so I will try and get hold of them and post one or two :biggrin2: .

Dave, I was starting to think there were no big bream in there but now I know I'll be trying even harder :biggrin2: .

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I assume it was killed to be eligible for the comp...   :05:


No, it was a catch and release comp with designated marshall boats around the lake for use as witnesses on meritorious fish.

Kev was very concious of getting it back in the water after it was witnessed and photos taken.

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That's a good system.  :biggrin2:

However, lifting it by the bottom lip like that can't be good for it though.


And again Kev was stressing as much as the fish with the lip grippers, telling everyone to hurry up and stop taking pictures, she wasn't held up like that for very long at all.

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Good to hear it. I wasn't trying to start anopther argument about lip holding fish, I just cringe everytime I see a fish held like that.  :biggrin2:


Didn't take it as an argument and your points were valid, it was the first time Kev had used lip grippers (they are mine and I hadn't even used them :biggrin2: ) and holding Flatties that big is a rare occurrance, we are more the wiser now :thumbup: .

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