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Buying Waders


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You can get the Kokoda PVC Stretch waders for around $40-$50.

If you're an occasional wader, these will do the trick. I have a pair that have lasted me a few years, but I probably only use them a few times a year.

If you will be using then very regularly, then perhaps you can get the more expensive Snowbee, or Hornes waders..These are higher quality but also cost many times more.

Most tackle stores around should have the kokoda. Just look for the tackle stores that normally sell the cheaper rather than the high end gear.

I think ***** will have em too.


edit: I don't know why my reference to a certain store above comes up at Astericks... but anyway, I was referring to a very very very common department chain store begining with "K"..

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hey ,

a mate of mine just bought a pair of waders on special for 30 bucks from bcf.

not sure what brand but if you're looking for a cheap pair then maybe thats the go

They are Shakespeare PVC waders.. i have a pair.. they're fine if you ask me.. and an absolute steal at the moment at that price.. mine cost me $60 (but included a free 13'6" rod)

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