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Lake Macquarie 5/2/05


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Saturday morning the plan was to hit Lake Macquarie and see if we can work out the local bream population. Our last couple of trips have been less than impressive but we were confident of a better day......... :1prop:

We dropped the boat in at Nords Wharf at 5.00am headed off for the south wester arm of the lake. We fished wharves, rocky points, boats, any sort of structure we could find for 2 under size bream and a small flatty. A change of plan was needed.

We tried the weed beds in 3m of water off Point Wollstonecraft where Drew managed to boat a legal bream and I managed to pick up a flatty of 62cm on a Bass minnow and 4lb leader. It’s the best one I have caught in a while. :thumbup:


After that we headed up to the northern end of the lake and fished the shore line around the 16fters for a couple of small reddies and Drew managed another bream for the live well 2 - 0.

We tried the marina as well where I managed to scare 10 good bream from under a boat with 1 cast. Its amazing in gin clear water how quickly bream will bolt when you whack a jighead in to the side of a boat. :thumbdown:

Our little comp ended up Drew 2 and me not able to boat a legal bream. I’m sure there are good fish in the lake its only a matter of time till we sort it out (I hope) :1fishing1:

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Sounds like some nice fish Jethro. Nice pic of the flatty too.

I went for a quick flick saturday morning to try out the new squidgies. Started at 6am and headed home at 8am to take care of son minding duties. Stuck mainly to the Spears Point jetty. Anyway I flicked a few different types of sp's for those two hours with no luck. But there was a guy next to me on the jetty with his two young sons. The guy managed to catch 4 undersize bream, and he kept them all!!!!

When I was leaving I walked past and he's was cutting one of them up for bait! I looked down at him and said "bit small mate", he replied with something indecipherable but I could tell by the tone that he thought I should mind my own business. If his young kids weren't there my remark would have been a bit more colourful.

The sad thing, other than this guy being a complete dropkick, is that his two kids are going to think it's OK to keep undersize fish cause that's what the old man does.

Anyway, good to see you guys got a few, hopefully you'll get more next time.

Looking forward to a bit more fishing time during the week and next weekend.

madsmc (Shane Carroll)


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Guys like that really give me the sh*ts. Especially when they are teaching the youngsters the same thing. :ranting2:

We have yet to crack the Lake Macquarie bream. We get 1 or 2 but never any numbers or size. Guess I will just have to keep trying.

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