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Kings Are Back In Town


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Headed out this morning in search of a few squid to get a king this morning. we have 5 frozen ones and gave up on the chase after 20 minutes :1badmood: . So out came the frozen squid to be striped. Went to Molineux point and slow trolled for a little without much result. Headed over to the other side of the bay, where Dad, my brother and myself found ourselves tangled with the hooked fish. I never seen us dancing round the boat trying to untangle our catches. My brother lost his king :ranting2: and Dad and I managed these fish below. :thumbup:

Unbelievable day. After that it seemed like the school under the boat we not interested in our baits anymore. Seemed wierd as we could sound them again, but then they dissapeared. Anyone found results like this where you loose one king and the school goes quiet all round?


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i have released kingies amongst a feeding school before in the bay and they seemed to spook and move on , has happened a couple of times to me , you just need to relocate them elsewhere or try again the next day , as releasing undersized fish should never be thought twice about , good fish and hope we see more of these reports soon.

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