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What Are All The Fishraiders Getting Up To This Weekend?


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What are all the fishraiders getting up to this weekend?

the 6th,7th September 2008

I curently don,t have a clue what i will be doing

i wanted to get out and wet a line but after looking at seabreeze :ranting2::thumbdown:

Don,t forget fathers day Sunday

What ever you end up doing, BE SAFE.

And take care on the Roads and waterway

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Doubt that this weekend will entail any fishing, unfortunately....got the nephews last game of soccer, and being the coach I suppose I have to be there...i'd rather be fishing! :)

Other than than, preparing for a week's long training course in sydney....fly out sunday, return next saturday.

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Damn damn damn

Saturday was going to be my triumphant return from socialising, injury and socialising.

Not going to happen if this report stays:-


davemmm seabreeze says it will be a lot winder


For me i am hopefully going fishing on saturday with two mates from school i was going to boanty bay but now the wind and swell is up i migt be trying the nepan for some bass.

good luck on the weekend everyone

Cheers fisherboy :1fishing1:

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