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How To Use Mumbler Lures...


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I have just bought some Bassman "Mumbler" lures...I have heard they can work for catching Jewies, what I would like is some advice on how best to fish them...what technique to use.

I have two with the soft plastic fish and double hook arrangement and two with just the jig head and single hook.

There are a lot of you out there that use them for Cod...and I think the principles would be the same...please help!

Mike L.

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G'Day Mike

My brothers use Mumblers when chasing cod in the Murray, and I know that the smaller Chatterbaits have proved very successful on Snapper :1yikes: There are a few boys on this site who would be able to give you better info, but I will offer this for what it is worth.

Mumblers can be used as 'cast-and-retrieve' (like Spinnerbaits) or slow trolled. I have seen them used effectively under both styles. They are used with the same principle as a Spinnerbait when cast and retrieve, but due to the immense water displacement they produce, they are fished a lot slower. You can 'lift and drop' as you would a Spinnerbait, or (preferably) you can slow roll them back to you.

Slow trolling is self explanatory. You can guage by the rod tip roughly what the lure is doing underwater. Like most lure fishing (for cod in particular) get 'em down deep and keep them there. Bouncing their way over sunken timber is a sure-fire way to wake old blue eyes :thumbup:

If you PM jewgaffer, he may be able to shed some light on lure fishing for jewies. One thing I have noticed is that fishos can be very particular about how they fish certain lures, so you may get conflicting advice to mine. My best advice to you is to read it all, give each method a whirl, and see which one suits your style of fishing. Good luck mate!



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