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Friggin Wind


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G`day Fellas ,

Well , I legged it down to the beach in a mild 4 Knotter , and the minute I drove the hook through A Salted tailor fillet , the Wind arrived at 15 Knotts.

Fair dinkum , its bad enough summers almost over , and the weather has been unkind , but with 31 degree heat , and 1/2 click walk only to have someone turn the fan on.... Give me a break. !!.

Anyway , Thinks me , I`ll have one chuck in and call it a day, too windy .

Cast In , and as I was setting the butt of my rod in its holder , the tip buckled over , and off it went for a nice tailor.

After the next cast I was adjusting the belt buckle on the rod holder in another knotch , when a slow pull seaward, awakened me to the fact that I had another Shovelnose Shark on , and after a pulling it up onto the beach , as was the days before , 1 metre long and deep hooked , so cut him off and rehooked.

Cast no 3 ,4 , 5 saw more good size tailor in the bag , and as the wind was unrelenting , I filleted my tailor , legged it home , and salted them down.

Tomorrow , I think I shall attempt to get a feed of flatties or even some whiting , and head for the Lagoon , ( weather Permitting Of course ).


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G`day Fellas ,

Pedro , Probably wait till I get a decent gutter or a puddle before trying for serious Jew Sesh.

But Might just try my luck on thurs/frid night after lights out perhaps.

( Weather permitting of course ! )


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