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Harbour Surface Action 13th Sept


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Hi all,

Well it was a beautiful day today and I was able to get out and into the thick of things on the Harbour this morning. I'd been watching alot of surface action on the water every morning this week so needless to say my expectations for this weekend have been high and fortunately today didn't disappoint.

Heading out from the ramp this morning it seemed every corner I rounded had fish busting up all over and having arranged to pick up my girlfriend from a designated spot I was forced to carry on past these fish busting the surface not an easy thing to do but I had dragged her out of bed pretty early with the promise of fish!

Luckily this turned out to be a forfillable promise and we were soon into some very respectable kings taking worm plastics as they fed on the surface. I opened the account with this fella.


And very soon after my girlfriend is onto her very first king! She was really pleased and couldn't believe just how hard they pull (having only caught flatties and bream in the past).


As the sun got high these fish seemed to spend less time on the surface and we started to pick them up on small metals fished mid water.We also got some tailor at this depth which the kings were trying their best to swallow all the way to the boat... great to watch.

post-7411-1221299706_thumb.jpg post-7411-1221299717_thumb.jpg

What top day on the water hope others were able to get out there.


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Top outing, you are a lucky man having a girl that likes to fish , my missus hates it. :1badmood::wife:

Promising result, I've just had the boat serviced and it looks like things are hotting up. :biggrin2:

Got to make a concerted effort this year to get out as often as possible. :thumbup:

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