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Middle Harbour Kings ! Bust Ups Galore !


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well how good is it when the surface is boiling, the birds are swooping the kings are fighting! went out for some salmon arond the heads. thought we'd go and get some squid from balmoral. in the distances we could see a flock of birds going crazy and plenty of white water beneath them.. soon as we got there they dissappeared. we cut the motor, after a while bang, they were back up again, and were biting. 3 kings, and two bust offs. my forearms are killing !




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Nice work Bully!

How fun is it casting to a mass of feeding fish!

I was out there too on sat and found heaps of bait with birds feeding but no fish feeding - that was out near North Head around 6-7am.

Where did they end up busting up the surface out of interest and at what time? Was it near balmoral?


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