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Botany Bay


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Got out on the water about 5am and headed up to moulinex point in the dark dodging a couple of boats without any lights.

Drifted around for multiple small reds 1 keeper lizard 55cm a ray about 80cm which according to my book was a fiddler ray (released), and daughter No.2 caught her first numbfish.

when i called it a numbfish she remembered when i grabbed one and she threw the rod down and made it into the cabin without her feet touching the deck.

we called it a day with wind gusting to 17knts and the daughter very rod shy worried she would get another numby.

regarding the ray, is this a fiddler? and my book says they are only fair eating (2 stars with lizards rating 3 stars ) has anyone kept one for the table and if so how was it?


edit: how could i forget the 2 nice occy's that are going on my plate tonight

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I was on the bay last Friday afternoon. Noticed many boats without lights along Mollinuex Pt as well. Not good when the sun went down !!

We got a few fish though. Close mate got a 8.5kg jewie on Saturday morning in there.



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