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Matts September Trout Report


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Another month and another one without any spectacular success! Despite reports being good from different sources we were always a weekend to late or had inexplicable events over take us!

Thompsons Creek Dam

I had been trying to get up here for a few weekends in a row but weather (sorry Mick) and a unexepted function (sorry Roffo). But my Sunday afternoon miraciously cleared and I went up to fish the evening session. I was expecting heavy wind and left my Fly Rod at home but good old murphy jumped in and it was super calm. The lake is up to about 43% and a lot of my favourite flats are starting to get covered again so confidence was sky high. But it turned out to be a bit of a fizzer, saw one cruiser for most of the day until late evening when a few started rising, to what I couldn't make out. I didn't get a touch.

Spoke to a couple of Fly Guys, they were doing it tough to but said the weekend before in the foulest of weather, they got 7 in an hour. The day I cancelled due to the weather......

Wollondibby, Jindabyne

The snow melt is well underway with Jindabyne going up by about 5% in about a week. There had to be plenty of post spawn Browns cruising the inundated shore didnt there? Well, not really. Hit Wollondibby Inlet where the creek was pumping and lovely brown water pumped out into the lake creating a lovely seam where it hit clean lake water. Normally there are Trout cruising these edges but today zippo. Worked the dirty water, polaroided the clean stuff and worked the dirty water again. One lone hit late in the day to show for it. One incident shines out about today, a pair of guys trolling decided the small shore we happened to be working was where he wanted to troll. Without a care in the world he worked past us within our casting distance. Choice words from both my Dad and myself were ignored but it got worse as he proceeded to hook the only fish we saw all day! Some people don't deserve to catch fish!

That makes 7, yes 7, trips in a row now without me landing a Trout!

Kellys Plain, Tantangara

With the snow gone from this end of the Snowies it was time to try Tantangara again. Like Jindabyne the lake is well up which can make access tough here. Weather was rubbish as well with a strong NW pounding the shore. What this did create was a murky shore for about 1 metre out, especially around an exposed point where you can launch boats. Browns were hunting this edge and both by brother and I lost a fish each and got some follows before finally I latched onto one. My 7 run drought was broken! Not a big fish, but a more than welcome 860g Brown. He took a Rapala Vibrax Minnows spin work along the edge of the murky water. My bro lost another one before we got done in by a series of boats (a rather large amount for Tantangara) proceeded to launch and retrieve. The fish were only working this small area and the endless boats soon put them down. Damn damn damn, another half hour and we would have scored some more I am sure! My bro did get a bubby 'bow a bit later but we felt a bit cheated. The wind got stronger and stronger before veering around the south signalling the approaching cold front. Time to go.

So September saw minimal fish caught which is unusual as its normally one of the best months! I didn't get out as much as I would have like though.

October though is going to see a week of hitting the high Snowy Dams of Khancoban, Island Bend, Geehi and Talbingo and I can hardly wait!

Small Brown from Tantangara:


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Excellent read Matt as usual you have a way with words thats makes you want to go out and fish.

Ive got to try fishing for trout one day, ive never been but i hear in the summer it's a good time for it.

Also how far away are the trout fields? :1fishing1:

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Another great report Matt :thumbup:

A lot of miles and a helluva lot of casts for minimal return, but the country you are fishing is some consolation. That is a great photo! Hope you get onto a few in the upcoming months mate. Keepp the reports coming regardless, as they are a great read.



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Thanks Guys :thumbup:

Snag: Well, the closest Trout waters would be some of the rivers around the Blue Mountains, I am not much a river trouto and there are a couple of guys here who could tell you much more than I could. The closest Trout Lakes, bar some small ones in the Blue Mountaints would be those around Lithgow or Pejar up at Goulburn. There are also Trout in Fitzroy Falls down near Bowral too. All are about 2 hours drive from Sydney.

Iceman: Not my worst run of doughnuts, I think I went 9 on thr trot back 2001-2002!

Hodgey: Sure is beautiful at the lakes, Tantangara is a ripper and I love it up there.



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