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Blades Turn A Morning In The Georges Around


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HI all

With a late Text from Mickybee on Friday night the plan was set

to get out and give it a go

Our aim-:

*Hit the Georges River again for a session wit the plastic/HB's

*try to get technique down.


The morning started with a little Fog but we where in high spirits.We then hit the sand flats rocky banks.

Which was little slow and no fish for the first hour Which looked a little grim.

But Mickey nailed a Tailor on the plastic.

For me i was changing colours, sizes, jig heads but for no Result.

We pushed on Just aiming at getting the Technique down.

1Fish after 3.5hrs on the water. :thumbdown:

After many fishless trips using plastic and HBI thought this was going to be a repeat.

I opened the bag looking for another Change :1Lighten:

Out came the Vx40 blade.Not having used one it didn,t take to long to get into the vibe of it.

We kept working the sand flats around 0.5-1.0m mark

BANG im on in no time there was a Whiting to the boat 26cm

Now pleased that i nailed one on a blade(first) i continued to fish.


Only 15minutes later BANG im on again OMG this is bigger for sure

and only using 4lb and 6lb leader. I thought i was gone this time.

After gaining line back from giving him more drag.I told mickey grab the net

His reply "I don,t have one" WTF.

So this was to be done the hard way.

With a couple of close moments the lip grips where slipped

and landed a 66cm flattie :thumbup::yahoo:


Now with smiles on faces we had a few more casts and the Temp rising

we headed off

cheers Johnno

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Well done Johnno!!!

Fantastic result - that flattie & whiting are both thumpers! Always a worry when you realise you don't have a net :ranting2: I don't always like using the lip grippers either! Had a few fish fall out of them before today! :mad3:

That first blade has a lot of orange on it ..... could look like a fish 'in roe'? Good idea.

Must get mine out again. I got a small flattie on one the other day (my first 'real' fish, not counting the trumpeter caught previously! :biggrin2: )

It was a good day on the water for you :thumbup:



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"What do you mean you dont have a net Mick?". haha should have seen your face. took long enough to get it in. had the motor kicked over ready to chase it haha(just kidding). was a bit stressful trying to get those grippers in as it wasnt very tired.

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Both fish where caught of the same Blade but in the first shot you see the bottom of it more

it is a beige silver side and has orange bottom


Yes it is PB on a lure

But not on live bait the Bait PB is 77cm

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