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Fun Session At Narra Lakes


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I was pretty keen to try out my new 5 wt this week, but was not sure what the lake would be like as it was showery and overcast when I woke up at 5.30. Thnew rod, a Fenwick, came with a subscription deal, 3 yrs subsription to Freshwater and Flyfishers mags, I thought it was a good deal for under $300. Bought a nice reel and floating line from Ebay and all set, BTW hardly get anything down the local fishing shops anymore since browsing Ebay. Anyhow, hooked onto 3 nice chopper tailor at Woolies bridge with a white flashy clouser, just motoring up and drifting down with the tide, the rod casts beautifully and loads well. Went to the island and caught 7 mullet and 2 bream 20 - 30 cms in an hour, plus dropping some bigguns, great fun on the 5 wt. Good fun for an overcast showery day. Here's a pic of a nice plump mullet with the new rod and reel.

Have a good weekend.

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