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Sounder Question


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Need Help!.

Just bought a new humminbird sounder, entry level. Never had one before and never used one before. Set it up as describe and it works.

Now the issue.

At low speed, up 5-6 knots, I get a signal, see the bottom and bits and pieces. As soon as I go a bit faster, there is a break in the signal and I get a fuzzy image the whole height of the screen. If I slow back down all is fine.

Is this normal? Is this how they work, only at low speeds? or is there a problem with my transducer. I notice at higher speeds, 10-12 knots, :074: I get a spray of water coming up form the transducer. Normal?

You help and advice would be appreciated.

:1fishing1: LueLessLeo

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I have the humminbird too. Had the same problem initially (lost of signal and a spray from the transducer). Got help from the local guys (humminbird/BLA) - they looked at the photos of my setup and suggested some slight changes (I have 2 - normal and wide sight). Basically they said something like "move this X cms to the left, etc". Spray remains - because of the 2nd transducer, but I don't loose the picture ever again.

Take a photo of your transducer and post it here as per suggestion above.


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