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How To Load A Boat Onto A Pickup

Chris 55

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How to Load a Boat onto a Pickup

1. Load up beer, 2-3 ice chests full

2. Relax, have beer.

3. Hook boat trailer up to truck

4. Drink lots of beer

5. Drive real fast

6. Hit light pole (needs to be a solid one)

7. Boat will load it self onto truck.

8. Relax, have another beer.






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Always so good to know that when you are having a crap day a simple photo shows someone else is having a worse one

Can't wait to see how far down the ramp he needs to reverse to launch it.

I don't mind seeing Darwins laws at work but I do hate seeing boats geting damaged in the process.

Hmm nice down riggers - wonder where the weights are now?? OUCH

Pel :Funny-Post:

PS - Is that an Aussie or USA light post? ie was Bazza or Billy Bob doing the deed

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