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Mauritius Trip


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hi all,

just got back from Mauritius. only got to do one decent trip for marlin with no marlin caught. did catch alot of bonito and two little tuna and two dolphin fish which they call over there darado. ill try attach some pics for you all to see.

Now just gotta get back into the fishing here:)

cheers damien

(i cant figure out how to attach if i can email to a moderator to post for us would be great )

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Gday Damo, sure is a great place, went there many moons ago, went out on a charter like yourself and missed out on the marlin, however we did get some huge spaniards, were you staying on the east or west, lets get together for a fish soon, cheers Justin.

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hi guys

looks like there's few mauritian ppl on fishraider. i myself is from that beautiful island.

summer time is great fishing for marlin and tuna and GTs

hope u ate lots of dholl purree



ate heaps and alot more and drunk heaps of green island and phoneix too. :beersmile:

Deschanel is my cuz on here too.

can any1 help with the posting of pics ????????

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