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Middle Harbour With Slayer


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hey guys went out in a mates boat yeaterday with slayer was very quiet in the morning and strugglint to even find some yakkas and slimies got a few and decided to do a bit of a drift as there were no fish seen or being caught as the water was still a little dirty but we managed a few fish on plastics including this 49cm flatty caught on a curried chicken jerkshad not alot of fish on the day but my mate did get his first fish on plastic even though it was a`pike.


good fishin with ya slayer and thanks fot the company

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Thats "SPECIAL" hehehe.

You didn't take a pic of the one I scored in the kayak mate. :1fishing1:

Was good to see the Brooker 410 Safari with 30hp Mariner kick it.

Mind you, it did have 3 guys and their equipment which was over 320kg. Give or take 10kgs for the burgers, schnitzel and egg & bacon rolls we had for brecky at Manly.

A VERY stable craft, even when all three of us were casting at the same time, balancing on the chop.

What more could you want? Good mates, great views, in the greatest country on the face of this planet.

May god bless us with a year full of weekends like that one.

Now I got to bugger off and catch that bird in the kayak.

OutbackMojo (Frank)

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