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Shellharbour Basspoint 26 10


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I got to the ramp just after 530 scott was the first one to turn up then theo and jen soon after. me and scott went straight over to were the kingys have been and didnt get any . james made his way out and we all went to the front of bassy to chase the tuna that eveyone has been talking about i stayed close to the back of the bommie and scott an james headed out wide i was on straight away on my light gear it took about 20 miniutes to get this fish in what a blast i was yelling out to the guys to come over but they couldnt hear me

I then started throwing a little metal slug around on my heavier gear and caught a few more by this time the boys were over and we were all getting into them i peddled past theo and he was getting towed out to sea by one on his light gear

Scott then yells out to me SHARK he reckons it was about 8 foot i s##t myself because i kept a couple of fish and just put the near my feet next to the mirage drive (and yes they were bleeding ) we soon got out of there and i quickly put the fish in the front hatch heart still racing we peddled in and i got a few more on the troll it was a cracker of a day

kept 3 lost 3 released 4

cheers mik




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Mick your not wrong ther mate at first my mate called me over he thought it was a small shark then it got closer and bigger :1yikes: and we got the hell out of there as we were peddlig off i felt something nudge the back of my yak not sure what it was but i wasnt gunna stop and have a look

Craig that will do the trick i use 20pnd braid when fishing for kingys ,tuna and 8pnd for snapper and bream

cheers mik

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