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Flyfishing, Where Do I Start?


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hi guys, not sure if anyone will be able to help me or not but I'll try anyway. I've just moved over to the UK and I've noticed a few good looking streams that hold trout. As I'm from Sydney, I have no idea about anything to do with flyfishing but I am dead keen to learn. I'm thinking of buying some sort of starter kit but as to what it should include I don't know. Maybe some of you flyfisherman out there might know. Where do I start? Or does anyone know any good websites similar to this about flyfishing in England?

Thank you


p.s. if anyone wants to know why I moved from Sydney to the UK. Ask the :wife:

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This might be a start: http://www.fishingnet.com/England.htm

You will probably need to contact some of the clubs - most of the waters are private access only. You have to pay.

I did some pike fishing in England when I lived there in '87 (Buckinghamshire). That was not bad lure fishing. Picked up a few redfin too.

Didn't chase trout, though.

Good luck.


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Hey Nath first things where bouts in the UK are you?

Two give this gentleman a call Graham Peplar of Vintage Tackle he trades second hand gear in the UK also runs bonefishing charters and is a wealth of knowledge on all things fish in the UK. If need be say i pointed you his way he's a mate i just got a very nice Condex of Graham and its a beauty!



P.S PM if you want UK tips

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