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Georges River Blackfish


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Hi Raders,

I had a solo session on the Blackies yesterday in the Lagarno area. Fished the run out tide and had an absolute ball catching these great little tusslers.

The bite stated almost as soon as my float and burley hit the water, and although the fish were on and off and the boat traffic was pretty bad, I had a great time and caught a nice feed for the family.

I caught a total of ten keepers, took nine home for the table (the first one got out of the keeper net when I forgot to tie a half hitch around the top of the net and the wash from the all the boats did the rest :1prop: ), I pulled the hook out of an obsolute horse (well over 40cm) right at my feet :mad3: and even caught a legal Bream on weed.

If your thinkin of givin the blackfish a go, nows the time!!! There are plenty about and jeez they go hard for their size.


Smallest fish kept was 29cm and best was 35cm.



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Very nice indeed Smitty and you better bring my weed back as it looks like I may need to go blackying again :tease:

Bummer about the big fish gettin off :(

Cheers Stewy

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