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Narra Lake On Sunday


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Went down to narra lake for a flick on the plastics on Sunday, not much flathead just 2 tinny ones that went

back for another swim. After an hour or so i got smashed by a thumper bream 38cm then 2 hours later i

flicked my plastic out and as soon as it it the water i got hit by a run away train , I had a tricky fight

amongst the weed beds but it finally came to the surface . A massive bream pb for me it went

41cm on 6lb. Had a great session and my wife 2 yo daughter and i enjoyed the fish for dinner. The water

i feel is still a little cold for the flathead down the back of the lake but they will be there soon. Couldn't be

happier fishing amongst the still calm water around the weed beds , fishing by sight just love it !!!!!

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Excellent stuff.

Great fun back there hey. Very atmospheric of an afternoon. Shallow water too and the bream go super hard.

I caught some good flathead on sat futher east, check out the lure section, i'll post it now.


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Always nice to get a surprise. Fished both Lake Macquarie and Tuggerah Lake, with plastics, chasing flatties over the weekend, very quiet. Did pick up a couple of small bream, who needed to go back to their mums. What jig head size were you using? Light weights in skinny water? Anyway worst day fishing better than best day working.

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Was at the lake on Sunday afternoon while the tide was coming in. Only managed 1 Flathead which shook his way off my line only a meter from me in about 2 hours of flicking. I think the run out tide is better for flatties as this is when i have had alot more success and also during the week when there are less boats and people with jet skies on the lake :(


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Mate there is only one thing better than being out there fishing, and that's being out there with family soaking it up together, well done mate.

Some interesting things in Narra lake, over the years I have seen and heard of some interesting captures.


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