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Hawkesbury Racks 18/2


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Hey All,

Went for a quick rack session this morning. Had quite a good time up unitl the wind started howling it's t*ts off! Ended up with around 12 bream, with 2 fish going 38 and 39cm to th'fork.

All fish were caught on Ecogear SX-40 and SX-48's... My lure collection has now been reduced by 3 SX-48's!! Ouch!! :1tongue:


p.s. excuse the pic's... self timers, wind and racks don't mix!

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Sounds like you had some fun Joe  :biggrin2:  Thats a really nice fish mate. Well done  :thumbup:


Cheers Ken :)

The two pictures are of two separate fish, by the way. The one on the left went 38 and the one on the right went 39.


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Nice work Joe.  :thumbup:

That's why I won't use Ecogear HB's on the racks anymore... Did you lose them to fish or snags?


Hey Andrew,

I lost 1 to snags and 2 to fish.

I got blown big time by one fish.. it was like trying to stop a train! :)

Thanks Mate,


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Hi Joe,

Now thats my kind of Breamin'

What paddock were you in, seems like some real Stallions you got there!!!!!!!!!!



Ivan, I'll let you know the spot on the 11th of April.. that's one day after the Hawkesbury ABT finishes :D :D

Joe :1prop:

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