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Late Popper Session


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With the Kids at a Macca's party, Southerly all but blown out and a nice overcast sky's last night...I decided to take a couple of poppers down to my local ramp for a little Blurp, Blurp action around 6.30pm

A little tough going as the tide was out a long way and where I was flicking the drop off is very gradual....as the light dropped I moved from the flats to start throwing at a little more structure and tied on the R 2 S in Black....landed my popper 2 inches form the nearby pontoon and wasn't prepared for the almight boof that made strike too earliy :1badmood: ....solid Blue nose me thinks.

I needed to settle the nerves down as it had been about 4 or 5 months since my last popper session and I found I was really jumpy and really excited.

Few more casts and a few more smaller 'bream kisses' (I love that sucking sound they make) but nothing like the big fella that shocked me earlier.

Only fish landed was a 25cm taylor which was fun but not my reason for being there.

But am stoked the fish are starting to look at whats on the surface in the estuary again....bring on the balmy nights......and a couple of degree....

So in the words of the Presets - 'So let me hear ya scream if ya with me....."

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Yes Hodgey....so close that Coyote and I can almost taste it.

Sunday morning 16th November is our planned Tuross session...care to climb aboard and demonstrate your well honed techniques....

The four day weekend will look like this:

Thursday - hook up Coyote's boat and head to Grady's in the Shoalhaven hunting Bass and Ep's til dusk - sleep at Conjola

Friday - up at sparrows fluff to drive to Narooma dump the boat - climb aboard on the flathead whispers boat for a day with the master. Target flats/jews on plastic and bream/whiting /ep's on poppers and plastic - dawn til dusk

Saturday - put to use new techniques and spots demonstarted the day before but in Coyote's boat in another dawn til dusk session...same target fish

Sunday - first thing head up to Tuross for a session with the popper master (Hodgey if possible) in his backyard, late morning pack up and stop in at Grady's for a final Bass session on the way back to the shire - fall into bed with 'Casters Elbow'

Monday - back to work

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