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Syd Harbour Today


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I hadnt been on the water for a while and despite the average forecast we persisted anyway.

First we headed to the heads to look for some surface action, but nothing was happening so we trolled north head and then around to Grotto then Clonfaf. But we only got a few little fish and there nothing much happening in the hazy conditions.

Then we headed towards the habour bridge area. There were heaps of guls directly under the bridge, which was a sure sign of some activity but we obviously couldnt stop due to the restrictions.

We flicked at a few of the markers and did some trawling around the area, but had little success.

On the way home we finally came across some surface action in the main harbour. Who needs a sounder when you have sea-gulls as direction leading us to the fish :1prop:

We caught alot of taylor in a short space of time, only around the 30-40cm mark. But it was a bit of fun on light gear and a good way to end the day. Would have been nice to get a by-catch of something a little bigger... :biggrin2:

Also the fish the taylor were eating was about 3cm long, but that didnt stop them taking our slices



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