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Saturdays Southerly's


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Hi Fishraiders

Planning to do some fishing tommorrow in Botany bay and some moderate southerlys are predicted,would u agree fishing Towra point and the Groynes at Kurnell u will be out of the wind???

Yellow Line : Planning To Fish

should be. inside kurnell point is usually one of the most protected spots in a southerly.

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Hi Mr Breambo. The seas will only be above a metre, so you shouldn't get many whites on Saturday, and a good thing in your favour in fishing the Bay is that you should find a ripple in the water and moreso as you drift out of background cover. It won't be this particular southerly that will be a problem it's mainly the gusts in troughs in between highs that cause uncomfortable fishing in a wind tunnel like Botany Bay.

I notice the barometer reading started to fall overnight towards a low. The fall looks like remaining steady but the low will send what your after down into deepwater, after being active early this morning I'd say with the change to a warm northerly and the fish are likely to stock up on the run out later this afternoon as the southerly becomes ongoing.

If I had to decide where to fish in the southerly on Saturday, and given the massive barometer drop to 1004 and steadying now it seems, I would definately chose the deepwater in Port Hacking and launch at Water Street and fish the long sixty foot span and its edges opposite the marina in Burraneer Bay. I would move around to the 25metre section in Gunnamatta Bay and fish in line with the outside moored boats opposite the coast guard base jetty for the rest of the run out tide and the changeover. That part of the Hacking provides good protection from a southerly and the two deepwater sections fish well in a low pressure reading that steadies before it goes into an extreme low pressure system, whereas the gusts you'll get in Botany Bay will make it pretty hard in the wind tunnel between Kurnell and Towra.

Anyway that's my opinion in regard to deciding where to fish on Saturday.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Jewgaffer that is my main concern,the wind tunnel between kurnell and towra also where to launch the boat,i was thinking of the port hacking,ive just never fished there before,ive been doing alot of work there lately at the end of Irvine street which is of Gannons road and have been tempted many afternoons to go wet a line but have been to bugged to.

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