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Hints For Kingfish?


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Hi all I am from Bathurst and will be heading down to the Harbour in 2 weeks for a try at the Kingfish..

I will be putting in at Rose Bay ramp.As i want to have a look around and try a few spots to getready for the up and comming social.. just wondering if there are any tips on baits, Lure's and rig's used for the Kingie's as well as maybe spots that will be in the area around Rose bay and Clifton Gardens? :1fishing1:

I have never caught kingfish or a decent snapper and would love to get amoungest it.. I will be giving fresh squid a go this time...If I can catch some as I have never caught squid either..I have jagged the odd one but never tried to catch one successfully. :mad3:

So all the help I can get would be great...

Also I herd that there was a marker that marked the start of open water near the heads? But, is actualy inside the heads? Is this true? and what does it look like? I dont want to end up in the wrong spot and get a fine for the wrong safety equipment.. :thumbdown:

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Hi Yarraone,

Kingfishing involves no special art that you as a fisho wouldn't already of obtained. I'm certain that other members can answer the questions that I have not addressed. I have only ever jigged or used live yakkas when fishing for kings and have always had plenty of willing participants at the Peak. That said, kingies are not elusive as jews or marlin or other prized game fish. Get your marks right, a good fresh bait or appropriate jig, and if the kings are there they will happily devour your offerings.

Time, patience and common sense prevails. With these few important attributes applied you will have no trouble filling your esky.

Good Luck



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Hi Yarraone,

You can go for squid all along that right hand shoreline of Rose Bay and then further downstream around the face near Nielsen Park. Use a good quality squid jig like a daiwa, yo-zuri or yamashita if you have one in about 2.0 size in a pink or natural brown colour. Let the jig sink over the weed bed and give your rod a few gentle lifts when it has sunk for a while, this is when you will know if there is a squid on your jig, then qind the little slack and let it sink again and repeat the process. Give each spot 5-10min and move on if you can't find any.

As for the kings it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for birds working on the surface as this will indicate fish activity. So you'll need a light-medium spinning outfit rigged up with a metal slice or 6 inch sluggo to throw around the edges of the school. Or if they are not hitting the surface regularly enough, try trolling diving minnows around areas where you find bait, birds etc...

When baiting its good to fish over wrecks and around markers, do a bit of research to find some wrecks within the harbour and plan your outing so that it can be adjusted accordingly.

Use heavier gear 30lb+ preferably braided line, with a running sinker onto a swivel and a meter or so of 50-80lb mono/flurocarbon leader, with a single or i like a 2 hook rig of 6/0's. Use a variety of baits (of squid) e.g. put out a small live one, a head, a strip and the guts.

Good luck, let us know how you do.


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I have caught quite a few in the harbour from the heads to the bridge. Use fresh squid or very fresh frozen squid either whole or pieces depending on their size, xxx 2 to 3/0 hooks and a strong invisable leader with a small bean sinker. If you have never caught one before dont underestimate thier pulling power - its mindblowing! use at least 30lb braid. even an undersize king can skunk you around the posts!

drift past the channel markers and cast near them as you drift past. if they arent home simply move to the next one until you find them. Pretty much any struture is a chance of holding kings .Most times this method will get at least one fish. Dont anchor in the ferry lanes as this is illegal and you should be OK. Another method is to troll this area slowly, just let the motor tick along on idle, with full squid on a downrigger.

good luck, look forward to hear your report.


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if you cant get any squid just go around to balmoral island and get some smallish yakkas. The marker you are talking about is just inside nth head near quarantine pt. There is a good chance there will be kings there, just as there are at any other marker in the harbour. 30lb braid is good, but you will get away with 20lb mono on kings up to about 70cm if you fish with a heavy drag.

Around clifton you can try either of the big white drums. You could also try around sow and pigs reef, which you will definately notice. It is surrounded by markers.

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Thanks for all the help guy's . I will be giving it all a go in 2 weeks..i also have bought one of the AFN maps which suggests spots by numbers ??? just wondering are these are good guide where the fish might be???/

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