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Mh Canoe King 02112008


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Last Weekend report

Went out in the canoe last Saturday and released a 64 cm model off the Bluff. No photos as I had me hands full.

Then went out in a mates tinny on Sunday dragging live squid all over the main harbour and even up to Goat Island for zip.


So with the aim of bringing home a legal model I went out in the canoe again this morning to down rig live squid around Seaforth.

An hour or so into on the second pass the rod bends over. Unlike the 70 cm model from a couple of weeks back this fish pulled like a tug boat, literally. (Will be fun and games if i ever hook up to a hoodie. My PB of 93 cm towed a 4 metre tinny with two of us on board)

Left the bomb down as was to busy keeping the fish under control. Luckily it stayed clear of it.

Managed to subdue, gaff it and brought it on board, went 74cm :biggrin2:.

So that's three fish in three trips out in the canoe since I brought it up from the South coast. But like the last two weekends I have not been able to hook up after the first.

But can I back it up again next weekend. They're around but not exactly thick as thieves. Have a feeling they're a little boat shy too :wacko:. Maybe I should go out Tuesday afternoon , I imagine it will be nice and quiet.

V2.0 Kingiemaster downrigger is working OK (see pic) but think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and a get a proper one as it is real hard work winding it up, even harder when I have a fish on.



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Nice work mate, must be a good little adrenalin rush catching kingies in a canoe. If you got another one like your PB you might get a bit wet :1prop:

We never seem to do that well at Seaforth when baiting tied to a buoy...maybe downrigging makes the difference?? Anyone else find this


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good job from a noo mate. nice looking craft, what is she?

Thanks. No idea what she is. We bought her about 20 years ago from an old bloke in Wollongong who made them in his backyard garage. I think we paid $300. Have caught heaps of fish from her. Fibreglass not ideal but easy enough to repair.

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Well done, 3/3 is much better than the 3/0 for me in MH so far this season. While I like getting kings out of the boat and putting the wood on them, getting them out of my yak is sooo much more fun.

What time of day have you been getting the kings?


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Hey Kingiemaster!

I said G'day to you at Seaforth last weekend (recognised the down rigger). Good to see you hooked up! not us though..

I had some followers at a marker and my live squid was swallowed and spat out again, but no goods that day for me.

Well done landing the big guy. Jeez you Yak guys must work hard when you hook a king!!

cheers, Dave

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Hi Kingiemaster,

great to read your post and well done on the kingie. It must give you a great rush to boat one of those fish. Looks like a nice purpose built canoe, any chance of posting a pic of it?

Might get to see you out there in the next couple of weeks.



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What time of day have you been getting the kings?


Interestly enough all three where caught around 8:45am.


Have a proper downrigger in the mail due this week.

Also ordered a clamp on Hmgbrd Fishnbuddy AA battery powered sounder due next week.

Have had trouble keeping squid alive so have up drawn plans for a fully plumbed bait tank set up but that will require a bit of work and fiddling.

Will post pics once I have it all set up.

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Looks like a nice purpose built canoe, any chance of posting a pic of it?

Shes not bad but not my first choice for a fishing platform let alone a Kingie fishing platform.

Would have preferred a single man sit-in Old Town with the large opening or better still my old mans Seafarer Vega 5.75m (thats another story, need a decent 4WD to tow it and she's all mine).

But the bottom line is she cost me zip hence why I dont mind throwing some money at new toys for her.



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