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Bathurst Carp Blits


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well it was a great day had by all with even a few fishraiders making the trip. :biggrin2::thumbup:

All in all it was well organised by Bathurst RSL and Bathburst BCF Store. Registration was a gold coin which also gave you a free snag and onion sandwich to kick it off. Fisheries were there with heaps of info for everyone to browse and ask questions.

380 people including the youngest of just 8months registered.. There were 95 fish caught in total after 5 hours of fishing :1yikes: There were also great give aways and prizes for bigest fish, bigest total catch, as well as smallest, lucky door and prizes for all the kids. :thumbup:

It was a great day to catch up with old friends and make new ones.. Wether was good also not ot hot with a little cloud cover.. Most of the fish were caught on worms, but a few were caught on bread or sweet corn. Some of the kids I spoke to and helped out during the day said it was the first time they had been fishing and in some cases it was their first fish, like the little 8yr old girl in the photo's to follow. :thumbup:

Wiegh in and registration

Younest registration complete with rod? :thumbup:

Biggest fish Jnr

First fish

Biggest adult

large Catch

So i would like to thank the organises for a great day and all proceeds are being matched by local council and doubled by fisheries to stock natives in our local dam at ben chifley..

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I also had a great day meeting new people and helping kids learn about fishing..It is very well supported and I cant wait for next year.. :1fishing1:

The fisheries are going to run workshops next year for the kids about knots, rigs, casting and catch and release techniques.. Top stuff and community support :beersmile::thumbup:

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Great work there on the pictures. :thumbup:

Looks to have been a great day had by all. :yahoo:

Gotta love the kids faces, precious memories for the first time anglers. :1yikes:

Should be more of it.

Some big mothers there, that's for sure. :1yikes:



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