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Weekends Fishing Fun..!


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Started a new job about 3 weeks ago and have been itchin to get out for a decent fish,

Yesterday, I managed to lined up a spot with these lads from sydney on a

7m Perdator half cabin called PUNCH’N for a days shark fishin out at the shelf,

We left Woolamia boat ramp at 6 in the morning and only got about 5 mile out through the heads

before turning back as the swell was 3 to 3.5m and we were taking waves over the roof..!!

Not very pleasent! Even in that size boat!! :mad3:

So we headed back inside Jervis Bay and dumped 40kg of burly off plantation

point in hope of raising some bronzies but no luck..! :thumbdown:

Just a big sting ray that had us running around in circles

trying to get all the line back on the reel before cutting it off..! {Thinkin of steve!}

Called it a day at about 1pm but not before getting ahold of a charter boat we had been in contact with all day.. they went out for another look and it had died off so they were headin to the shelf.. :ranting2:

Today i went out Eves with 3 mates, we left my house at 9am and by the time we got there it was blowin light NE but still fishable..

we set up and terry was on first cast to a nice size wrass! ahahhhh! :074:

After a few hours the wind picked up and just as i was startin to pack up Greenie hooks onto some thing decent.. after a 5 min fight on lightgear he manages to land a 1.4kg leather jacket!! :thumbup:

The conditions were getting worse so i decided to call it quits and head home for some

shut eye before work on monday.. :thumbdown: Cheers jimmy.

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