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Middle Harbour


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Hi guys,

Just a quick post on another trip for Kings in Middle Harbour saturday.

Left Tunks in search of some squid and ended up doing ok for a change,by sunrise had 10 squid in the tank so didn't bother trying for yakkas.

Anchored up on the mark and dropped a couple of livey's down for nothing but pickers :mad3:

After a quick discussion we decided to go upstream in calmer water and out of the wind to have a nice warm breakfast and return once the sun was up abit more.

We ended up back at the mark an hour later and dropped some more Kingy snacks down but nothing for about 30mins, i was on the phone to a mate telling him of how quiet and windy it was when my rod buckles over and the famous sound of the real goes ZZZZZZzZzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't bother telling my mate i was on , just dropped the phone and grabbed my rod for the tussle.

I somehow accidently hit the loudspeaker button on the phone as i threw it instead of hanging up, he could hear the overhead screaming off line and was saying what's goin on :074:

Anyway after a short fight this 84cm King was netted :biggrin2: PB for me and the boat :thumbup:

Was a heavy fight and i thought it may have been a Jew as the head shakes were pretty frequent.



:yahoo: and hi fives everywhere.

After around 10 mins i had a very hard freight train hit my livey, the rod didn't even get a chance to buckle it all happen so quick, it was just PING !!!! :1yikes: and a thump from my rod in the rod holder there was two of us that happen to be looking in the rods direction when it hit, and when it happened we just looked at eachother thinking WTF ???? Well at least i was ..........

I double checked my drag setting which it was no different from when i hooked the one before ????

I just couldnt beleive my eyes as to what i just witnessed on 50pound braid with 80pound leader...... :05:

Will be back next week hopefully to catch that one that got away !!!!

P.S Was getting water temp reading of around 19.1 degrees....looking good !



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Nice work Geoff.

Things definitely are looking good. The water's warming up and so's the action both in and out of the harbour.

This summer should be absolute Mayhem.

Well done on the PB, strange about the other one though, pretty annoying when things like that happen and you're not sure what did it.


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Well done Boys,

I reckon that I was sitting right next to you and got to watch the whole show.

It was a great fish and a great fight.


We were the two guys in the white boat that had a chat after you had it nailed.


Josh & FishyPete

Yes that was us alright.........its funny these days when you see a fello fisho out there you wonder wether they are a fishraider member or not and almost 9/10 they are ! Its a great thing :thumbup:

I must say this website is the next best thing when your not able to be out there on the water.


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Thanks guys ! It really does pay off to put the effort in for the bait ...mind you we tend to spend most hours of the night catching the bait before heading off to the spot......

Yeah Dan that was us , there was 4 of us in the boat pretty crowded especially when you get a decent hook up its kaos on board hehehe......wont do that again 3 is plenty !

Actually when i seen you cruise past i thought to myself gee did Brad Pitt get a tan LOL!!!!! :074:

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