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Plastics Question


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Anything's possible but once the tail has been bitten off, change the tail. It's the tail on most plastics that creates nearly all the action when retrieving or working them. Even on straight jerk shad or stick type plastics, the thin tail section is the bit that will move around enticingly.

Cheers, Slinky

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Yeah just replace it. One of the benfits of plastics is they are pretty cheap so its not a major hassle to replace it. You can play around adding tails from another lure with a damaged body by 'welding' them together with a hot knife...

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Yeh they do lose their effectiveness when the tail is lost but as Dicko said it can be fixed. Just heat up a knife with a match or lighter then hold it in between the plastic and broken tail, squeeze together and remove the knife then cool it to make it set.

Alternatively you can put in a little corkscrew and then attach a shiny metal willow leaf that will both flutter and give off flash.



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