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Quick Thanks To Slinky For His Article On Squidfishing

Andy Loops

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Wanted to point ppl in the direction of the articles Slink wrote in Aug 08 on squidding in sydney harbour and the spit. I read those and decided to take number 1 son down to the boat for a flick of some jigs. Ended up with 8 squid in a coupla hours which was much better than the odd 1 or 2 that we usually pick up. I am seriously the world's worst squid fisherman but there is a line in one of the articles that reads - go out there with ONLY your squid jigs - and have fun. We learned alot.

The very (very) slow retrieve was the secret I think.. also I was using egimax on the jigs - seemed that every 3rd cast after a spray (maybe after the scent got to a certain level) we were getting mauled by little inkers.

Needless to say the 3 year old had a blast and will be back out there with me again for sure. Although, it did take a while to convince him that they were squids rather than Octopii. As this is the first meal sized bag of squid that have made their way home I am preparing them for the steamer as we speak..



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