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Curado 200e7 Or Daiwa Heartland 153

wise one

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I'm in the market for a new baitcaster for a trip to NT in 2009.

Last year I used the guides equipment which included Curado 300DVS baitcasters which I found easy to use and the guides complemented them on their reliability and salt-water corrosion resistance.

So I figured I would buy one of these, but Shimano have replaced them with the "E" series.

The new series look good and certainly have the technical specifications to do the job.

Curaod E Series

Now, looking around I've also read a bit about the new Daiwa Heartland 153 baitcaster which has even more impressive specifications than the Curado E (at least on paper).

Daiwa Heartland XA

So dilema, which to chose? Anyone have any comments on:

1. Ease of casting (is the centrefugal control in the Shimano better or worse than the magnetic in the Daiwa)

2. Corrosion resistance (the Daiwa talks about the "famous" corrosion resistance from the HRT baitcaster)

3. Drag (is the "7 disk hypertournament" Daiwa drag better than the Simano "dartanium" drag)

Any thoughts / comments / experience would be appreciated!

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shimano curado 300's are the most popular baitcaster up north, used by many guides and charters.

Yep - thats where I experienced one earlier this year - it was great.

BUT - they are now superceded by the E series - theoretically an improvement (but untested???)

I could still buy an old 300 (still available from some retailers) but that's a bit like buying last years model car - you'd feel like you were missing out on something....... Now if someone was discounting the old stock then maybe it would be a deal too good to refuse.....

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I was speaking to a well known guide who regularly does the trip up north. He was saying that the high end threadlines are more popular than ever for this type of fishing.

Just a thought from left field. I have both Diawa millionaires and Shimano Calcutta's in various sizes. To be honest, I can't tell the difference between them. Both are good and none of them have corroded in the slightest.

Enjoy your trip.



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the new e series are good i have one (200 e7) and are heaps smaller to last years model

also i have the alphas 103 purple one which has magforce on it.

Heartland is the 153 which is a little bigger in size i think to the curado E

they are both a great reel.

I think you couldn,t go wrong we either reel you pick.

Comparing they stack up even in my opinion

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