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How To Rig Live Squid?


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Gday Hazza,

Tried to find a pic but couldn't so i'll just write it.

I personally prefer a 2 hook rig mainly as all too often you find that either you are not getting bites because the head is missing or something has hit it so hard that the hook has just pulled through the mantle.

So tie a common or sliding snell knot that has hooks as far apart as about the length of an average sized squids mantle.

Then you need to place the top hook through the top section of the mantle probably about 1cm down as so you don't pierce anything that may kill the squid. Then place the bottom hook through the lower part of the mantle and let it just come out under where the mantle ends so that if something just goes for the head it is likely to grab hold of that bottom hook as well.

I would recommend using different parts of the squid as well as live. Cut the head off to kill it and use that as a bait, then cut open the mantle and pull out the guts from the circular piece at the bottom of the mantle (put your thumb through it) and then fold that onto a hook and just as your putting it in the water break the ink sac (the shiny section of the guts) with a knife so that an ink trail is left as your bait is lowered which acts as a form of burley for kingfish.

Then cut off a good strip and cut the bottom part of the strip vertically for about 5-8cm (depending on strip size) about 4 times so it has 5 nice flapping 'legs' which can help attract fish to it.

Good luck


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