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Penn Spinfisher


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Yep, i have read quite a few people using alveys while groper fishing. Do you know why? (the winching capabilities, large line capacity?)

Also i was under the impression that you needed to use 60lb,80lb mono, though i have caught quite a few 4kg browns on 45lb (of which my daiwa is spooled on).

Justin :1fishing1:

Just on the topic of the rod bucket, i actually got one 2 weeks ago from an uncle! He has a room full of fishing gear he doesnt use very often!!!


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hi justin

take out the stainless bolt and your in businesstarget drummer with 30lb line have rarely see groperlanded over 20lb off the rocks good fun but pigs to me are better tasting fish dont go overgunned with breaking strain or your rod may snap :1yikes:

lighter line equals more bites also

peter :1fishing1:

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Guest Big-Banana

The Penn 950 SSJ is still made to Penn standards and the SSJ'S are as good as the SS range I've been told and they are an ideal heavy duty spinning reel for Groper built to take 30lb mono.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

They aren't half the reel they were when they used to be built in the states. I've gone through 3 8500's, while my old 8500's are going strong king session after king session.

Get yourself an alvey mate.

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I think they good reels, we've had a couple and used plenty of others.

I know the older one as said was much more rugged and is a very tough reel which ive caught many kings on.

I know they are extensively used by a harbour charter operator for kings and they fit the job perfectly.

I don't know much about drummer and rock fishing but know the spinfishers are good reels.

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