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Blackfish Reels


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Just looking around for new Blackfish reels, seeing as I missed out on the nice Avon that was for sale on Ebay last week :wife: . Came across these beauties. Might have to check one out ( get my wife in Canada to send me one....hint hint :wife: ). It's all about out doing the oldies...eh Peter?..lol






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theyare the youngs purist range the sidecast is the ray walton rolling pin! They arebased on the original Allcocks aerial design, i can comment from experience at 200 sterling pounds plus new they are smooth cast a mile and are a delight i have a Purist 2048 and another the 2038 i think both fantastic, if you go with one look after it as they will last a life time all ways check Ebay UK for bargain pins or www.vintagetackle.net run by Graham top guy check his site he is a centre pin wiz Gary Mills ex Youngs assembly guy also hand crafts pins and is a top reel maker.

My top 5 vintage centrepins

1 Trudex

2 Allcocks Match Aerial

3 Rapidex

4 Speedia

5 Allcocks Aerial C815

My Top 5 modern Pins

1 Trudex Mk2

2 Youngs purist range

3 Browning Rotator

4 Adcock Stanton

5 Alvey 475B for durability only!

I do not rate the Avon as amass production reel it was good but had a lot of flaws particuarly the play n spindle from near new!

A lot will disagree with me but after years researching centrepins there is little i do not know i have handled rare pins such as a Coxon and 1939 Aerial Match.

At the end price will dictate the reel you get but you must fee lcomfy with it the best centrepins are well run 2nd hand ones from a reputable dealer like Graham or you know what you are looking at in the flesh, my fav is a beat up 1959 Trudex with no paint runs like a dream and cost me 70 Aussie dollars!

Hope this helps and does not confuse you!

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Thanks LA,

Wow you are a "gear Freak" too- but by the sounds of it, a Master of gear...LOL.

Actually I think I have decided on a Kingpin Model 478 ( see attached pic)- in red, I know it isn't traditional black, but seems good. It will be my Xmas present. My wife will get it for me on her way here in December ( she is still back home in Canada). But this now means I have to be "good" :wife: for a while...LOL.

Thanks for the info, I always love to talk gear. I thought I'd get more replies????, as there are plenty of Blackie fishos online ( Hey Roberta!).


Matt :1prop:


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Nice Choice Nanook,

Very sturdy reel the Arnold Kingpin with good anodising and fewmoving parts sealed ball races, the purists are god but the spokes if damaged can be hard to replace!

With that reel match it to a nice 1lb TC Avon rod or a Kilwell 1365 in the 12ft model or a Snyder 4136!



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