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No Bonnies, But A Feed Of Squid Will Do


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Took the boy out this morning to Middle harbour and had the fly rods set up hoping to get into the bonnies Swoffa reported the other day, but no sight of fish busting up anywhere. So went to Fairlight and we caught a feed of squid. It was the first time I actually sight cast to them the water was so clean and clear, there were heaps of schools, although average size was just bigger than your hand, good live bait size I would imagine. Also saw a huge blue fish, I think it was a groper, not sure but it was pushing a metre long and having a nice casual cruise around the reef there, I thought it was a shark from a distance it was so big, as we got closer, it turned out to be a big beautiful thing, cod??? groper??? Anyhow, we got a feed of squid, 1st one for my son, but forgot to take a photo although I had the digi. Saw Pukka at the petrol staion, get anything Joe?


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g'day Ken and Joe,

it was the first time Iv'e seen one in the "wild", so I wasnt sure, thanks for answering that for me Ken.

I have had my fair share of getting inked Joe, so managed to avoid it today, but my son, Jordan, ended up with a bit of the black goo over him. I like the squid rings too, but tomorrow we are having them cut open, laid flat and lightly cut across in cross sections to give them a slight curl when bbqed, then add a bit of pepper and lemon, mmmmm!

BTW, there were a stack of boats out today, around North Head looked particularly crowded.

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